Why use a personalized necklace for promotion?

A personalized necklace is a classic, contemporary and completely unique gift to give to someone special or something you can take pride in wearing.

A personalized necklace can be custom made and created in any way you desire, it is your design or idea.  You can choose a name, date, favorite song, saying or anything that has a special meaning to you.  Each personalized necklace is a one of a kind necklace that will have special importance.

Each personalized necklace is made to your specifications, if you prefer simple and elegant or sparkle and flash, it is your choice.  You can choose the metal such as platinum, 10k, 14k or 18k gold, palladium and sterling silver.  Metals can be combined for a two tone look.  You can choose a embellished spacer, for example a heart, cross or flower.  Maybe add a diamond or birthstone to the design.  There are no limitations.

You can also get wire necklaces that are made from silver or gold filled wire that can be personalized and customized to your specifications. Wire is a durable alternative with a construction that is sturdy and long lasting.  This kind of a gift can be cherished for many years. Some ideas for a personalized necklace is to write your business name or website address, pets name, favorite sports teams.  If you can think of it, it can be done.

Make a statement with a personalized necklace.

Choose a modern or classic design that can include monograms, pewter, crystal, marble or hand stamped medals. Mothers jewelry and personalized jewelry have become very trendy today.  Jewelry that is custom with names and messages is increasing in popularity.  I can’t think of a better way to express pride and joy than to wear your child’s name and or dates of birth as a beautiful piece of jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces.  Or maybe an inspiring message from a special person can be added to a bracelet or pendant.

Artisan and handmade mothers jewelry and the personalized necklace are a hot trend right now.  Mothers, wives, fathers can tell good quality when they can see it and feel it.  Giving a custom personalized necklace with a special message in a handcrafted or artisan design can have much more meaning than a factory made bracelet or necklace.  Another big trend is baby foot and hand prints and even dog or cat paw prints.

Some popular trends in personalized jewelry is charm bracelets and personalized necklaces for girls.  Then for teenagers, special dates such as sweet sixteen, graduation are also growing in popularity. Timeless name bracelets and baby name charms.  These are available in many colors and styles.  This is a timeless and classic style and popular with all ages.

Another big trend is giving a personalized necklace as wedding party gifts with the bride/groom wedding date as a unique show of appreciation for participation.  Some individualize each one.  Also for the mom to be there are many options such as a charm bracelet with room for more later on.  Even babies are getting in on personalized jewelry with options for infants and very young children.

Instead of wearing string and plastic as a bonding friendship bracelet, a new trend is to swap beads and stones and charms to wear on charm bracelets and a personalized necklace.



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